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There have been erudite scholars, eloquent orators, profound philosophers and thinkers, marvellous meditators, prodigios poets, but the men of character- sterling and spotless character- those whose precepts and practice, principles and performance, speech and actions perfectly match- are rare indeed. The founder Acharya of Prem Prakash Panth Brahma Shrotri, Brahma Neshthi, Shri Shri 1008 Satguru Swami Teoon Ram ji Maharaj was verily a crest jewel among those men of Character!

The literal meaning of Prem Prakash Panth is the "Order of Love 'N' Light". Indeed two of its underlying principles are Love and Light.

Love - The light of our lives; the fragrance of our souls; the quintessence of our existence - love the all embracing emotion, which has centre everywhere and circumference no where - love which is the most powerful centrifetal force, joining human hearts is the first principal of Prem Prakash Panth. Love everyone, irrespective of caste, creed and colour, country or climate, love thy neighbour as thyself, love even thy enemy. Never in your dreams, thoughts, speech or actions, hurt the hearts of others. Do away with the negative and destructive forces of hatred.

The other word is light or better illumination, the knowledge that where is only " One Ultimate Supreme Reality and that is "Brahma", who is also called as Satchitanand - Knowledge - Existence and Bliss Absolute. That He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient.That man is born in the image of God. That he/she is the divine spark of that celestial fire and that every human heart is the temple of living God. Satguru Maharaj ji was a great champion of "Sanatan Hindu Dharma" or what we can call as Ancient Eternal Religion. Like a true Vedantist he believed in the axiom, "Eko Brahma Dwatio Naasti." There is only one Brahma and the rest is only an expansion of HIM. He was an "ADWAITVAADI" - i.e. non- dualist. That is why he found the image of the Lord in the King and the Clown, in the prince and the pauper, the weak and the meek,the distressed and the destitude. For him a woman was the very image of primordial power or energy and thus an object of worship and generation.

The Presiding Deity of Prem Prakash Panth is ' Laxmi - Narain'. Laxmi - the goddess of Power, plenty of prosperity, Laxmi the consort of Narain. Narain is Lord Vishnu - the sustainer and Nourisher of not merely this world, but of the entire cosmic creation.

Satguru Maharaj accords first and foremost place to GURU - Your divine Preceptor - your Spiritual Mentor. In some cases he accords Guru even higher place than God. In his Brahmadarshi he says: "He who makes a difference between Guru and God is looked upon as stupid by the Holy Scripture. The fact is Guru is the manifestation of God,who by His Grace and Goodwill, by His Blessings and Benediction,leads you step by step to realise the Unmanifested, attributeless,formless God.

The question naturally arises: How to get that Satguru? Satguru Maharaj ji suggests;


Swami TeoonRamji Maharaj says; - It is through Satsanga - the association with Truth or the association of Holy men that you get your "Satguru" or Spiritual Mentor who will Ultimately let you have the vision of the Lord.

The sacred word or Mantra of the followers of Prem Prakash Panth is "Satnam Sakshi" - Sat means Truth - that which was true, is true and will ever remain true - Naam - His name, Sakshi - is our "eternal witness". God - who is ever true is our "eternal witness" and abides in every heart. All the adorers and followers of Prem Prakash Panth greet their fellow brothers and sisters by folding hands and saying "Satnam Sakshi".

Satguru Maharaj ji built Amarapur Asthan at Tando Adam Sindh (Now in West Pakistan). The literal meaning of Amarapur Asthan is the "Abode of Immortals" Its deeper meaning is those who come and attend satsanga, those who take refuge at the sacred feet of Satguru will be absolved of all sins; will be emancipated from the endless cycle of deaths and births, will be freed from all the sorrows and sufferings,strifes and struggles, trials and tribulations, woes and worries of the world and would become immortals and therefore live in the "ABODE OF IMMORTALS".

More than 60 Prem Prakash Ashrams are spread all over India and in far off alien lands like Hong Kong, Indonesia, England, Spain, America and other countries. Annual Chaitra Mela is celebrated with great religious zeal and zest, and all the followers in variably assemble at such occasion.

Satguru Maharaj used to say;


Service and satsanga are a must in Iron Age says Teoonramji Maharaj

But One of the firm priniciple of Satguru Teoon Ramji Maharaj was never to stretch hand - never to beg - never to ask for donation and contributions. He stuck resolutely to this priniciple upto the last moment of his life. The same noble tradition is still carries on in all Prem Prakash Ashrams.

Now a few words about the succeeding Acharyas of Prem Prakash Panth. Satguru Swami Sarvanandji Maharaj.

Satguru Swami Sarvanandji Maharaj was an exampolary disciple and devotee. He further professed preached and propagated the teachings of his Satguru, not only in nook and corner of India but by personally touring far off countries by encouraging and inspiring {Prem Prakashs over there. Swami ji compiled and collected, got printed and published the voluminous Epic Poem of Satguru Maharaj i.e. Prem Prakash Granth - which is Gospel of all the Prem Prakashis. Then we have "Amar Katha" "Chudala Shikhar Dhwaj" "Vaaman Bah Samvaad" "Yum Nachketa Sanwaad" and many other works. Swami Sarvanand ji Maharaj was himself and erudite scholar, well versered in scriptures and was gifted with a sweet serene and mellifluous voice, which held the audience spell bound for hours. Every Sunday the tape of the spiritual discourse coupled with his sweet devotional songs is played, which has a soothing and sublime effect on the audience.

Swami Sarvanandji maharaj was succeeded by Swami Shanti Prakash ji Maharaj. As his name suggests - he was a treasure house of peace and serenity and his very Dharshan showered spiritual illumination on the listeners. Well - versed in scriptures and himself a great poet, he composed lots of devotional songs. But the very picture of humility that he was, he never mentioned his name as a versifier. Instead he devoted all his sublime poetry towards his Guru Satguru Swami Teoon Ramji Maharaj.

The present incumbent of the celestial seat of Prem Prakash Panth is Satguru Swami Devprakashji Maharaj. He is the true resemblence of Satguru Swami Shanti Prakashji Maharaj. People have witnessed lots of miracle by Satguru Swami. He is also running number of charitable oragnizations through out India.

May God grant him rosy and radiant health and many more years of fruitful life so that he - the torch bearer of Prem Prakash Panth may illumine the spiritual path of the seekers and devotees.



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