Golden Thoughts

Swami Shanti Prakash: there is a fragrance in his name and music in his memory. It is the fragrance of a life, which was utterly dedicated to the service of God and His suffering children. And God’s children are, also, birds and animals. In this faith, he worked on, day after day, giving solace to those who were in need of comfort and bringing joy into the lives of the joyless ones.

His heart was a home of longing and love --- longing for the Lord and for all who dwelt in the house of sorrow. He surrendered his all to the One Life. This is what made his life truly beautiful. And out of him the joy of the Lord flowed out to many.
He taught, preached, bore witness to the truth that not by intellect but by sympathy and service may man attain to the Highest.
He was simple-in dress, in diet, in daily living. Our community needs piteously the message of the simple life. So many of us seem to have forgotten the truth that in simplicity in strength, as in imitation is weakness. And simplicity flowers into sacrifice.
Swami Shanti Prakash’s was a sacrificial life. He never thought of his own comfort but of the happiness, which we could bring to others. He had compassion on the poor and served them with humility and love. He had compassion on birds and animals, on creatures that fly or walk or crawl.

To be truly great is to be humble. To be humble is to renounce self. To be humble is to realize one’s nothingness. “One act of true humility,” said St. Teresa, “is of more worth to God than all the knowledge in the whole world.” And Swami Shanti Prakash was a man of humility. When he succeeded the Guru, he said to the disciples:-“I, too, am a fellow-disciple.” “To be humble,” in the words of Sadhu Vaswani, “is to kindle a light that never fades.” Swami Shanti Prakash has kindled a light, which will continue to enlighten the path of many, in days to come.

One of his learned disciples – Prof.,Dr.Dayal “Asha”—has brought together in this volume some of the practical teachings of his Guru—a teaching for everyday of the year. The teachings are given in three languages—Sindhi, Hindi and English. Prof.Dr. Dayal “Asha”, is a man of faith and courage, of simplicity and sympathy and service. He believes profoundly that the modern world, groping in darkness, needs the light of the wisdom of the Saints. In this age of intellectual confusion and moral chaos, he is one of those who believe in and seek to build their lives in moral and spiritual values. He is a lover of silence. He is a man of peace. He practices meditation. And, everyday, he finds time to serve the poor, befriend the lonely and tend the sick. He is a worthy disciple of a worthy master and wishes to spread his message, far and wide.
The thoughts collected together in this volume are rich in practical wisdom.

Here are some of them chosen at random :

This New year’s Day kindle within your hearts.
Little lamps of love, sympathy, compassion!

In the crematorium, the bodies of princes and peasants alike are burnt on the same platform.
Why, then, all this distinction?

Life is uncertain. Whatever good you wish to do, do it now!
Do not defer it till tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come!

The desire for worldly goods is insatiable.
Let the heart yearn alone for the Lotus Feet of the Lord!

The foot may slip at any time. Therefore walk wisely and well, with care and caution.
So may you reach with safety the Eternal Goal!

Food belongs to the Lord, but the ignorant man regards it as his own.
Share your food with the hungry!

Beholding the image of the Eternal in every creature, go forth to serve them selflessly.
The happiness you give to others will come back to you.

May the simple message of this humble, holy man of God reach many and draw them closer to the Spirit of Truth, Beauty, Goodness, purity and perfection-Satyam, Shivam, Sunderam, Pavitram, Poornam.
The Name of God was on the lips and in the heart of Swami Shanti Prakash. And his hands were ever busy in giving succour to those in need. His eyes lacked sight: but he was a man of insight.
Today, as the winds and storms sweep over our ancient, unhappy land, I think of this simple man who renounced pleasures and possessions and power and adored the One Eternal. His pure, simple, gentle, love-filled life has a message for us:-

Sing the Name!
O,sing the Name!
For mortal man
There’s no other way
Than to sing the Name
And serve the poor
And save innocent creatures
From being slain,
Day after day!