MANDAL. He was full of Bhakti & Shakti.

He appeared on this earth on Saturday 6th July 1887 in the noble family of Phoolvanshi Kshatriya of a beautiful village Khando near holy bank of river Sindhu. His father Bhakt Chellaram was a pious person and mother Smt. Krishna Devi was a true devotee of Supreme Lord.

His divine personality attracted the masters, of all fields to join His followings that rapidly grew to thousands of which 100 were saints of highest purity.

He asserted spiritual equality of all people. He and his saints travelled tirelessly throughout the society and by love and compassion, purged it of its maipractices, addiction and superstitions. Welcoming one and all, he crowned them with ultimate liberation. Satguru Maharaj were very humble and pious. One day two people came to Amrapur Asthan to pay their respect to Satguru Maharaj. They took off their chappals and were about to sit down on 'assan' kept for Satguru Maharaj, when temple keepers stopped them. Satguru Maharaj who just walked in interjected "Even flies and ants walk around that seat .... These are holy people. Are they not worthier than ants and flies?"

Acharya Satguru Swami Teoonram Maharaj merged in Supreme Lord in May 1942, enriching humanity with

several spiritual centres, Amrapur Asthan and treasure of spiritual wisdom in one scripture-Prem Prakash Granth.

But most of all promised to remain ever-present on earth through a succession of enlightened gurus who are in constant rapport with God.

His spiritual successors are Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj, Satguru Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj and presently today Satguru Hardasram Maharaj.

Apart from this he produced many other enlightened pious saints of Prem Prakash Mission viz:

  Swami Gwalanandji Maharaj,

  Swami Gurumukhdasji Maharaj,

  Swami Madhavdasji Maharaj,

  Swami Basantramji Maharaj,

  Swami Chandan Prakashji Maharaj,

  Swami Dharamdasji Maharaj,

  Swami Arjan Devji Maharaj,

  Swami Prem Anandji Maharaj,

  Swami Uddhavdasji Maharaj,

  Swami Jeevan Muktji Maharaj,

  Swami Atmanaudji Maharaj,

  Swami Satya Prakashji Maharaj,

  Swami Jai Prakashji Maharaj,

  Swami Murlidharji Maharaj,

  Swami Gangaramji Maharaj,

  Swami Sarup Prakashji Maharaj,

  Swami Chetan Prakashji Maharaj, and many many others.


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