The Third master of Prem Prakash Mandal was Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj. As his name suggest he was here to give us Prakash of Shanti "Light of Peace" He was the source of spirtuality, picture of purity and humilty. His works had made him symbol of service, sympathy and simplicity.

Swamiji's exixtence of earth is known as the Khirajmal, son of Shri Asudomal Pahuja, born in 1907 as the Chak village of Sakhar district in Sindh. During the schooling, when Swamiji was in fourth standard, an effect of small pox has taken their eye sight. Swamiji's Father requested Sant Harchuram Sahibji to do something for the eye sight of there son and ask son to live with Sahibji at Shahpur Thalho. Saint Harchuram Sahib noticed the humilty and modesty of the child and after three years told to father "Don't worry about the loos of eye sight your son. He will show the path of spirituality to numerous and surely will emerge as the most celebrated Saint of sindh." The prediction was not proved wrong.

During the visit of Swami Teoramji Maharaj to Chak Village, he came in the contact and ask Swami Teoramji Maharaj for Guru Mantra. Swamiji took him to Amrapur ashram, Tando Adam. All the Saints of Ashram were impressed by his humble nature and services rendered. Swami Teoramji Maharaj decided to give proper religious education to Khairaj, who they have given name "Shanti Prakash" Swami Shanti Prakash after spending 3 to 4 years at Haridwar for study of Shastras and Upanishads, went to Amritsar for deep study of Shri Guru Granth Sahib, in Amritsar Gyani Hammer Singhji of Sevapanthi was surprise to notice that whatever shabds & sloaks he was reciting from Shri Guru Granth Sahib or the explanation he was giving was being remembered by Swami Shanti Prakash only by listening once. After returning to Ashram not only with Swami Teoramji Maharaj but also with Saint Udhavdas Maharaj, Swami Shanti Prakash visited various places of Singh and has filled life of many families with divine light by guiding them on the path of Prem Prakash.

After the division of country Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj come to India and established Swami Teoram Prem Prakash Ashram at Sindhunagar (previoulsy known as Ulhasnagar) near Bombay. As Swami Shanti Prakash was not only the spiritual leader but also was a humaniterian and social reformer so due to social and religious activities of the ashram soon it become a pilgrim place for many thousands of people. During any natural calamity Swamiji's were sending a team of volunteers who serve and help the affected people in various ways.

Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj was the key factor for the numerous social welfare schemes. "Junta Janardhan Parishad" was registered as trust for various social works such as running elders home, marriage aid and medical aid to poor and needy section of the society, educational aid to deserving students. Swamiji's heart was filled with love for every living of the earth. He advised "if you want to become happy, feed birds and cow daily, god will bless abundantly". Many conferences and seminars were conducted in the Ashram. The world renowned eye surgeon padamshree Dr. M. C. Modi, who conducted two free eye camps at Ashram said " I am doing operation of human eyes, but Swamiji is opereating the minds of people to give them new light in there life, I am here for his blessings."

Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj was always encouraging his devotees to donate to institutions and organizations which are working for the welfare and upliftment of the society. He was the President of Sunder Sewak Sabha, the organizations behind the smooth running of Swami Sarvanand Hospital, Nari Shala and Bal Mandir. Swamiji were also President of Shri Radheyshyam Gao Shala, Swargdham Shamshan Bhoomi and many other institutions. Swamiji completed his earth journey on August 15, 1992 at 4:00am, before the flight in which Swamiji were traveling touches the ground in Singapore. The physical boy is no more with us but the ideology and the works are there to keep our life filled with light of peace for generations to come.


S HANTI PRAKASH was the humblest of humble.
From the beginning His life has been of a Sevak.
He was eager to serve and perform lowest service.
He never liked to be a Gum. He liked to be a Sevak.
He was eager to tolerate rebuke.
He endured a great many insults, and so tolerance become a part of him.
He never bad a faintest desire to be worshipped, nor bad a seed of pride.
He never had an ill thought for anyone, ilor Re saw a fault of anyone.
He cared for everyone.
He served everyone.
He never atTronted anyone, nor hated anyone.

Outwardly, Shanti Prakash seemed a simple saint. Inwardly, His simplicity melted into the shores of vastness.
He had simple humani hands but they carried fingerprints of faith, thousands had witnessed eternal blessings emanting from them.
He had simple human ears, but they were two altars of prayers, where people spoke their hearts and left their sorrows.
He had a simple human face, but that was Mirror of Love that reflected innocence of the world.
He had a simple human voice, but it spoke only the Truth, and whatever it spoke came out to be true.
He had simple human feet, but they left foot-prints for generations to follow.


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