Besides being a man of deep moral strength, humanity and holiness, he was genuinely renounced. His life teaches us the complexity and depth of the Guru Disciple Relationship. He was absorbed in deep devotion of His Guru Swami Teoonramji Maharaj.

 Once Satguru Teoonramji Maharaj sent for Swamiji and very affectionately said, "Sarvanand, how is this path of renounciation?". Swamiji with folded hands said, "0! Noble Preceptor, very powerful is thy divine play. Though this path is very difficult, One has to walk on razor's edge. But the One who had thy blessings will surely reach the ultimate destination."

 After the disappearance of Acharya Satguru Teoonramji Maharaj, Satguru Swami Sarvanand

Maharaj was crowned as the Head of Prem Prakash Mission in 1942.

 After partition Satguru Sarvanandji Maharaj along with other saints and seers of the mandal migrated to India. Satguru Sarvanandji Maharaj established Amrapur Asthan at Pink city Jaipur, and gradually this Asthan became the capital of Prem Prakash Mission. Satguru Sarvanandji Maharaj travelled all over the world with one mission-One Goal-the upliftment of human beings, the awakening of human beings. Showering His blessings and love, everywhere he preached message of His Mentor "SATNAM SAKSHI", and Guru Bhakti.

 He established Prem Prakash Ashrams and temples not only in India but abroad as well.

 During his last foregin tour, he told his devotees "Now onwards Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj will come to you people to carry on further my mission."

 On July 21st 1977 Satguru Swami Sarvanandji Maharaj disappeared from this material world and merged in Supreme Lord.


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