Listening to one of the discourses of Puj. Swami Devprakashji's on his visit to Dubai in 1998. I was inspired by the immortal thoughts and teachings of Puj. Swamiji. I felt as if he was Puj. Swami Shanti Prakashji personified. I approached Sai and requested him that I want to take this opportunity to publish a book of his thoughts. I felt everybody should take advantage of his teachings. I am seeking blessings from Sai not only to publish this book which based on his thoughts. But also to imbibe these teachings in my life.
These are a few of Sai's selected thoughts which have been compiled together. They are in Sindhi, Devnagari, Hindi and English. They have been compiled together in one book.
I would like to acknowledge Prof. Dayal 'Asha', Mr. Sugno Tolani, Mr. & Mrs. Gope Rupchandani, Shankar Kukreja & Mr. Bharat Rohera for helping me in translation of the book.

Manu Ramchandani



  1. Learn as long as you live.

  2. Look at your faults and Learn virtues from others.

  3. Richness depends on heart Not on the amount of wealth you possess.

  4. Unity is strength, Unity is better than wisdom; Unity along with wisdom is supreme.

  5. Where head and heart go together, Success is inevitable.

  6. This too shall pass.

  7. Acceptance of mistakes resolves, 'E' EGO leads to confrontation, Humidity (Bhee) leads to peace.

  8. It happens even like this.

  9. Endurance ultimately leads to happiness.

  10. Wisdom is not based on age, gender, caste or creed.

  11. What we wish does not occur, What occurs we do not cherish and What we cherish does not last.

  12. You may forget everything But do not forget your Spiritual Master (Guru).

  13. Blessed are those who remember their Spiritual Master (Guru).

  14. In twenty four hours, a moment occurs when your utterances become true, therefore always speak auspicious.

  15. Construction is better than Destruction, Cheering is better than Jeering, Making is better than Breaking, Happiness is better than Agony.

  16. Be angry, but do not slander, Quarrel, but do not be adamant, Fight, but do not raise swords, Oppose, but have no malice.

  17. Anger is caused by ignorance is eradicated by knowledge.

  18. Age always reduces, Wishes always increase, Prosperity is not permanent, God is the eternal truth.

  19. No deed like selfless service, There is no companion like a book, No better companion than the Spiritual Master (Guru).

  20. One who has a desire is like a King. One who is desire less is like an Emperor.

  21. Change is the eternal law of the Universe - Birth and Death, Unison and Separation, Joy and Sorrow.

  22. Man's Ambition blessings of God, Man's actions, grace of God, Man's efforts, compassion of God.

  23. What you get easily is milk, What you ask for is water.

  24. It does not matter is you are not in the company of spiritual people, but it is essential not to fall in the company of bad people.

  25. If you wish happiness always remember God and Death.

  26. Good intention lead to profits, Bad intention lead too losses.

  27. It is better to keep mum in front of fools.

  28. To pacify anger, Do not look at the person across, You should not talk or listen to him.

  29. To avoid false pride one should peep within himself (soul).

  30. Practice before you preach, Implore self discipline before exploring others.

  31. Do good if you can, If not don't do bad to others. Don't disrespect anyone If you can't respect.