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The most important person from the conception to the publi('atiol) of "UNIVERSAL WELL WISHER" is Swami Dev Prakash Maharaj. "UNIVERSAL WELL WISHER" would have remained a dream, but for his inspiration, guidance and blessings. All this and more!

He was born on 1st January 1942 in a small village Hyder Chandia near Larkana Sind. Shri Hukumatrai and Saint Tulsi Devi, the father and mother named their child Sanmukhlal.

  After partition they migrated to Agra and then shifted to Ulhasnagar Camp No. 1 in 1949. Here child Sanmukhlal came in touch with Satguru Shanti Prakash Maharaj, who blessed him with 'Guru Mantra' in 1954.

  Satguru Maharaj sent Sanmukhlal to Kashi for learning holy Sanskrit scriptures. He worked hard for 11 years to achieve title 'Vedant Acharya'.

He was initiated by Satguru Shanti Prakash Maharaj into ascetic order (Sanyas) in 1967 and was rechristened as Swami Dev Prakash.

His service and surrender to Satguru Maharaj is an unique and unparallel. His love and dedication to Satguru Maharaj cannot be explained by words. His truthfulness and faith to Satguru Maharaj cannot be explained by any language.

Swami Dev Prakash has been elected as President of Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram Trust in Sept.1992.

He is working round the clock to complete Guru Maharaj's projects. He is leading all devotees with firm faith towards their ultimate destination.

Under his able leadership, Swami Shanti Prakash

Trust has built up a unuqie temple in memory of

Satguru Maharaj, in Swami Teoonram Ashram Ulhasnagar.



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